Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016

Dear Family and Friends!

Amazing week! Debbie French got baptized! We had her baptismal service on Saturday and it was so amazing! See her make this big step in her life was so rewarding I cant explain it! She was honestly so excited and see her that happy was awesome! Funny story also, so we went to go visit her the day before her baptism and her mother calls out to her to come out of the back room for a lesson and she walks out all giddy, and confident in herself and yells "LESS THAN 24 HOURS BOYS!" Ha! It was probably one of the funniest/ happiest moments on my mission! The gospel has changed her so much and she is so happy!

Well not too much tops that experience ha! But we did have some other pretty neat experiences during the week! we had an exchange with the Elders in Timberlake so Elder Taylor (From Gilbert) and Elder McClune (Tate's Friend)! I went with Elder McClune to Timberlake and we had a blast! We decided to try a different method of tracting rather than just picking a random place to tract so we picked 10 random streets on the map of our whole area. Then we both took a sticky note and each chose 3 streets from the original 10 without looking at each others paper. Then when we looked at each others sticky notes, we had almost the exact same street names! It was obviously the Spirit guiding us and we went to go tract one of the streets called Arrowhead! We weren't finding a lot of success on that street until we ran into a guy who was outside on his front porch. We introduced ourselves and just starting talking to him when we invited us to sit down and talk to him more about the church! We were of course super happy about that and our lesson with him went really well! He accepted it all and took the challenge to read and pray about the Book of Mormon! It was super cool because we were in a part of the area that hasn't been worked very much and probably wouldn't have seen missionaries very frequently if the Spirit hadn't guided us there! It was cool to see how the Lord works and how he helps us to find those that are ready to receive the truths that we enjoy! I know that it was not a coincidence! We call Arrowhead the golden street now because Elder Taylor and McClune have found 2 other new investigators on that street already! Haha!

Thats all the highlights for this week! It really is a joy to serve here in Virginia! I know that this church is true!

Elder Barazoto

PS I have pictures this week! Yay!!

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