Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9, 2016

Dear Family and Friends!

Another great week here in Buena Vista! I really enjoy it here, I have learned and grown so much while I've been here, it's amazing!

So with zone meeting this week, we did a lot of preparations for that and it went really well! I conducted it again and I wasn't nearly as nervous as I was before! I feel that I am a much more calm and collected teacher now! It was great! :) After zone meeting we had an exchange with some Elders over in Lynchburg! It was on that exchange that I learn some pretty neat lessons! Its amazing how we go on exchanges to teach and help, but I end up learning and growing myself as a result! Our last lesson of that night seemed to be the most impactful to me, because of how this family we taught was affected! So we show up at their house to teach them there, but we just decided to ask them if they would be willing to follow us to the church building to have a lesson and a church tour! We walked around the church, explained what we do in all the rooms and the whole time this family is amazed and is loving it! After the tour we taught them a lesson about the sacrament and how it can bless our lives and that was amazing and they definitely felt the Spirit! We didn't even have to commitment them to come to church after that because they told us they would be coming! It was a simple experience, but it was profound to me. It helped me to realize how powerful the Spirit is and how it motivates us to do what is right! It prompted us to invited them to a church tour and prompted them to come to church! So cool! I know that I have felt that as I have served and it is amazing! 

Well there not much else to report on other than I am doing great and loving my mission! I can feel myself coming closer to my Savior and I know He lives! I know this is work is to change lives and I love being apart of it! It makes me so happy! Ha! Love you all!
Elder Barazoto

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