Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016

Dear Family and Friends!

We had a super great week this week! We were pretty insanely busy with exchanges and Zone Conference but it has really been great! We went on 3 overnight exchanges this week so Elder Maloy and I havent really been working a whole lot together, but we definitely saw some awesome miracles in the process! Our first exchanges was on Monday and Tuesday and I went with an Elder that I served around in my first area, Elder Tan! He is awesome and we of course had a ton of fun remembering our experiences back in Williamstown, WV! Then we had another exchange from Wednesday to Thursday over in Lewisburg, West Virginia were I got to interview someone for baptism! I love doing these interviews because seeing people who are converted enter in at the gate of baptism is such an amazing thing to witness! Another really cool thing is I also interviewed her younger sister for baptism as well! That family is doing SO well and the gospel is truly working miracles for them! I love it!! Then immediately following the exchange, we had Zone Conference down in Lexington! President Salisbury taught us all so well and he really helped me see what I can improve on! He focused a lot on living up to our potential and how we can be a more effective mission! I remember coming away from that meeting being SO grateful for inspired leaders and ready to go to work! I know that President Salisbury is called of God to help and direct me in my efforts! It is so amazing! Following Zone Conference we had our 3rd exchange of the week! This time it was with the Assistants! Both assistants stayed in our area and we got so much done! That was pretty much the bulk of what we did this week and it was honestly so much fun!

The investigators that we are working the closest with is of course Debbie French! She was having a pretty rough week this week, but is so determined to get baptized, I love it! She currently has some health challenges that makes it a little hard for her to be able to progress fast so please pray for her that she will have the strength to do all that she needs to do this week! Can you all do that for me and her? Thank you! :)

We are also working with another family who we found recently and they are really starting to see and understand that we arent a scary cult! So that is HUGE! Ha! Pray for them as well, they are the Harris family! :) Thank you! Well that is all that has been going on this week for us! I truly love what I am doing and know that there is so more fulfilling work than this one! I know this church is true!

I love you all and have a great week!

Elder Barazoto

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