Monday, November 28, 2016

November 27, 2016

Wow what a week! Lots has happened and I have lots of pictures too! Hurray! :) Haha so I dont think I even mentioned it last week, but we had a general authority come to the mission! It was Elder Peter F Meurs! He spoke in the most recent conference about the sacrament. He was awesome! Elder Meurs was actually just recently called to serve as a general authority so the mission tour here in West Virginia was his first real assignment! It was really good though. So we had to meet in Charleston for the conference so we had to drive down there Monday night, stay the night with the Assistants and go to the Zone Conference Tuesday. Then we stayed the night again and had an MLC all day Wednesay! It was crazy! We had tons of fun, but we were super tired when we finally got home Wednesday night. We had to go to a ward coordination that night and Elder Clark and I were totally falling asleep haha! It was hilarious!

Thursday was Thanksgiving of course and that was pretty wild too! We had our dinner appointment at this family in our ward, the Youngs. They are just the best! They made us all the good stuff and it was just delicious!! After the meal, Sister Young confessed that she used about 7 sticks of butter excluding the desserts so that was nice. Haha! Then she gave us basically all of their leftovers! They filled up 6 of those aluminium containers you get at Cafe Rio FULL of food and desserts! It was crazy, I thought I was going to explode I ate so much!

Anyways, the rest of the week was pretty usual, we have been doing our best and teaching a lot of people! I have noticed these last couple of weeks have been kind of difficult, but I am still loving my mission! It is just so rewarding! I wouldn't be able to trade these experiences for anything in the whole world. The Church is True! :)

Monday, November 21, 2016

November 21, 2016

Wow I cant believe another week has come and gone! Time keeps going faster and faster on the mission! I try not to think about how much time I have left, but when I do it always baffles me how fast it has all gone by! Well this week was of course transfer week and my new companion is Elder Clark. He is from Springville, Utah and he is blast! We have been laughing and having tons of fun since he got here! I can tell we are going to have a great companionship! :) 

There is not a whole lot to write about this week, but we did see some great miracles! Wednesday night Elder Webber mostly said bye to people. Thursday was the day of transfers and it is always a little hectic trying to get everything done. So after we got everyone on their way, we were finally able to go back to our apartment and drop off Elder Clarks stuff. But by that time it was time to work and we got right to it! We first tried a couple of potentials nearby and met another family! We set up a lesson for later that night so we could teach the whole family and went to go work another area. When we came back for the appointment, no one answered the door... We were super bummed and walked back to our car and as we about to get in someone came outside! It was awesome! We were able to teach them the whole Restoration lesson and they loved it! I was so happy! I love little miracles like that. Hopefully they will be coming to church pretty soon! :)

I am loving it here in Clarksburg, there are lots of super nice people to teach and talk to! I am learning new things every single day and growing closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through the amazing gift and blessing of repentance. I know and believe that God is our Father in Heaven and that he has a plan for each and every one of us. He wants us to obey Him so He can bless us! I love my mission and I love all of you! I am grateful for so much support and love that I have from all of you. I am truly blessed so much! I hope yall have a great week! Love ya!

Elder Barazoto 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November 16, 2016

Dear Family and Friends!

Another week! And its been a pretty crazy one too! Transfers are tomorrow and you'll never guess what is happening! IM STAYING! Hurray! But the sad news is, Elder Webber is leaving... Its super weird why that's the case because Elder Webber has been here less time than I have and we've only been together for one transfer! Pretty crazy stuff but oh well! So my new companion's name is Elder Clark. Hes been out a couple transfers less than me but I've heard he is pretty cool so Im excited about that! Other than that its been a pretty standard week of finding and teaching! :)

We started teaching another family this week, one that we are really excited about! They live in this apartment complex right near a different family we are teaching! They told us that they want to get back into church and they seem pretty interested in trying ours out! This week we also got a referral from the Sisters missionaries in our ward and it was right in that same apartment complex. The referral ended up being a member moving here from the DC area! We talked to them for a while and they are super awesome! They are recent converts and they have super solid testimonies! We are going to be visiting them again this week so that will be really fun!

We were also able to teach Kaleb again! He is the 9 year old who is going to get baptized soon! We had dinner with the family on Monday night and we set a baptism date for November 27!! We are going to have another baptism! YAY! We are pretty stoked about it! 

Lots of other awesome missionary stuff happened this week, but thats mostly all the important stuff! I love all of you very much and I am super grateful for all of the support and prayers! Have a great week!

Elder Barazoto

Monday, November 7, 2016

November 7, 2016

What an awesome week! We saw some great miracles and they just keep coming! Its amazing to see how much the Lord is blessing us as we pray and work hard!! So probably the highlight of this week was church on Sunday. So the McCord family, the family that I asked everyone to pray for this week came to church! It was amazing!! Thank you for all the prayers because it worked!! It made me so happy because we visited them on Saturday night and invited them to come and the mom told us that she would be there, but the rest of the family would most likely stay home. We were bummed about that, but when Sunday morning came around, the whole family came! It was a miracle!! I was on top of the world all day that day :) hopefully this week we will be able to commit them to a solid baptismal date! Its going to be way awesome!

This week we also had MLC and zone meeting. It was Elder Webbers first experience for both but it went pretty well! He did great! Its always a lot of fun doing those, the missionaries in our zone are really awesome and it makes the meeting super spiritual!

We also had another opportunity to find another family to teach this week. It was later in the evening one night and Elder Webber and I were trying to figure out what we could do to end the day on an awesome note. We decided to pray for an opportunity and we both felt prompted to go to a specific apartment complex in our area. We had found a potential there last week and we decided to see if he was home and was! And what made it even better was his family was there too! The father said that he got a phone call a few minutes before we came with some bad news and us coming helped him to see that God sent us to him for a purpose! It was really awesome!

Well that's mostly it for this week! Everything is going really great here in Clarksburg, we are finding lots of people to teach and seeing so many miracles! It is such a joy to serve as a missionary, I love it so much! Have a great week everyone! Love you all!

Elder Barazoto

PS I took pictures this week but I forgot my camera at the apartment... So Ill send double pictures next week! :)