Sunday, August 2, 2015

July 27, 2015

This week was awesome! There were some pretty powerful lessons where the spirit was undeniable, it was so cool! So on Tuesday, we went and visited an older woman named Fay. Her son is actually a preacher for another church. She has been an investigator since before I came to the mission but we just haven't been able to see her till this week. She was actually wearing a funny t-shirt that had a picture of a rubiks cube on it and underneath it was the word genius haha it's a pretty awesome t-shirt and I want one. So at the beginning of our lesson, she kept trying to give us back the Book of Mormon and pamphlets that we left her last time. She said that she did not want them and that she doesn't understand why she would need them. We started to teach her the restoration and told her that we need it because it contains the fullness of the gospel. Then came the cool part. She was not really understanding very well so we kept teaching her and we got to the point of the First Vision. After talking about Joseph Smith's experience, her questions turned from "why do we need it?" to "well how do I know it's true?" This was such a cool experience for me because when the Holy Ghost is present in our lessons, he will teach the investigator the way that they need to hear it. Teaching her seemed difficult at first but as soon as the Spirit testified to her, it became a matter of her praying to know it was true. The First Vision is an amazing event and when we talk about it to people who are willing to listen, the Spirit can be so strong. I know that Joseph Smith really did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It is because of this amazing event that we have Jesus Christ's original church today, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Friday we had a ward party and it was super fun! So apparently the game cornhole is super big up here. They even have cornhole tournaments it's pretty intense haha. We also played some two hand touch football which was super fun. Speaking of football, we went to a massive flea market and I found some pretty awesome 49ers football cards! They were in packages of 20 and were selling for only a dollar! I bought 2 of them haha. Ill send pictures! 
​This is what I ate this morning haha

A church in Marietta, Ohio. They are everywhere haha

​Super fun road to drive on!

​Sunset on the bridge that connects Marietta, Ohio to Williamstown, West Virginia.

​This house is super cool with an amazing view behind it! It looks a lot better in person haha

​Telephone wires! So cool and green!

Something happened to the road. Not really sure what though

​Elder Spinks driving pretty fast haha

​Marietta's court house. Those are brick roads too!

we like taking "artsy" pictures. Brett would be proud of this one haha

​12 of 40 for only 2 dollars! These are some of the ones that I thought were cool

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