Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

How ya'll doin?! (this is my foreign language haha)
This has been an interesting week! So last Tuesday, we did this really interesting conference call with all the new missionaries. We had to call this number and then we got placed in a huge phone call with like 25 other phones. It was pretty chaotic at first but as soon as President Salisbury came on, everyone started to listen. He talked to us for a while and answered some questions, it was so cool! Then later that day we had scheduled with our ward mission leader to go and see a family that we have been teaching. The parents are Phil and Jessie and they have more kids but there were only two that were home when taught, Steven (8) and John (17). We planned to teach them the Plan of Salvation and it went great! They were very receptive and I was even able to put them on date to be baptized! I have been practicing putting people on date many times but asking a real investigator to be baptized was way better! We hope that they will be ready on the 8th of August. If all goes well it will be an amazing experience. So as we were leaving, our ward mission leader who wrote a book on member missionary work and gave us some advice and things that we could work on. I was so grateful that he came because he helped show me how to be a better teacher which I always enjoy. Plus it felt a little bit like the MTC again so that was fun haha.

On Wednesday we had our interviews with President and it was awesome. We drove to a chapel in Vienna, West Virginia where we talked with the President and his wife and then did interviews. I really enjoyed talking with President and it assured me that he is supposed to be my mission president and he cares about me individually just like our Heavenly Father. Fridaywe did exchanges with our district leader and I went back to Vienna. Vienna is really cool. The houses are really nice and it actually felt similar to California in some places. Nice houses, nice cars and shirtless people haha. We did a lot of walking in the heat and most of the missionaries hate it but I dont mind it all that much. The humidity doesn't bother me as much as it bothers other missionaries so that is definitely a blessing haha. 

Sunday was really fun because Elder Spinks and I taught primary. We had the 7 and 8 year olds and it was pretty funny to try and teach them. We could only get them to listen for a few minutes but over all it was good. Well thats all for this week. Love you all and keep writing me!

Elder Barazoto

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