Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 12, 2015

This week was transfers week so Pday got moved up to WednesdaySo West Virginia is not as hillbilly as you think! There definitely are many hillbilly here haha but there are some really nice places here too! Last Tuesday, We had a dinner appointment at a members home and their house was beautiful. It looked like a mixture of Grandma and Grandpas house with the rustic look of house you would see in a magazine. It was way cool! They actually have a pretty cool story too. So the father of the family is a convert of about six years and in those six years he has served in the bishopric, the high counsel, and some other important callings! It was so crazy to me that he has served in so many positions in such a short time! 

So something kinda funny/embarrassing/awkward happened to me on Friday. We were in this area in downtown Marietta that is called Harmar. It actually looks kinda like downtown Gilbert but with more trees haha. We have driven past this really cool looking Coca-Cola shop many times and a member said that she would buy us lunch there because we helped make some of her quilts. So we went inside and it was super cool because there is a restaurant and a Coca-Cola museum inside. We ordered some food and as missionaries we of course started to talk to the waitress about the gospel and things like that. She said that she misses going to church and would love to go back so we invited her to church this Sunday. Things started to speed up in the restaurant so she had to walk around more and it was hard to keep talking to her. So before we left, I asked her if we could get her number so we could text her the address of the church in her area. She laughed a little and then said is that some kinda of pickup line? Hahaha I was so embarrassed and I immediately said no, we go to a different church building that is closer to us. It was pretty awkward for me but she did give us her number haha. I hope that awkward experience turns into something bigger though!

On Sunday, we had another cool experience that strengthened my testimony that Heavenly Father is preparing people for us to go see. We had some appointments fall through and Elder Spinks and I decided to try and contact someone that was taught a while back. We hadn't been able contact them in the past and going back to try again felt hopeless. But to our amazement they were home and they we super nice to us! He immediately invited us in which doesn't happen often and he was so happy that we came back because he really wanted to learn more! It was so cool and he is so eager for us to go see him this week! I hope things continue to progress with him and his wife! I know that Heavenly Father prompted us to go see them and it is amazing how He is using me to further His work! I love being a missionary and although it is hard at times, I know that I am being blessed for my efforts! I love you all and thank you so much for all your love and support!

Elder Barazoto
​Yes that is a Batman watch and yes I know that it is awesome.

​Bear Grylls in church clothes!

​Really cool place off the side of the road!

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