Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31,2015

Wow this week was a crazy week! So on Wednesday we did an exchange with our district leader which was a lot of fun. His name is Elder Clawson and he is from California. He knows a lot about cars and that is mostly what we talked about haha. He had a job at Subaru before his mission and he was teaching me all about engines and how they work and stuff. He even taught me about NOS and how it works ha. Friday and Saturday we did service literally all day. Friday we went to someone in our ward who is about 95% blind and can really only see movement. We did some yard work for him and helped to make his yard look nice.  He has a super nice Stingray Corvette that just sits in his garage because he cant drive it. He also own 2 new dodge challengers that are pretty awesome. Then we went to another members house in our ward to help him pull out his engine that was blown up. There were three holes in the bottom of the engine so that's what we suspect was wrong with it haha.

Sunday was the most interesting day of the week. So we woke up at the normal time and get ready for meeting like every other Sunday. We had good meetings and had an awesome sacrament meeting as usual. I am actually growing to love church more and more. I took church for granted too often back home. Church is amazing because it allows us to feel the spirit and learn more about the gospel. Take advantage of church because learning now is better than learning the same thing later on down the road. But anyways after church we found out that we were supposed to go to a priesthood session down in Charleston so we got a ride with someone from the ward. On our way to Charleston we got a phone call from President Salisbury out of nowhere. Getting a random call for the mission president can be nerve racking and I looked at Elder Spinks with a nervous look on my face before I finally answered it. He told me that I needed to be emergency transferred to Virginia and that I am leaving this Wednesday. I was so surprised I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I had never heard of a missionary getting transferred in the middle of the transfer so it was pretty unusual news. So I am going to be leaving Williamstown, West Virginia and heading to a place called Hillsville, Virginia. I don't know very many details other than I am supposed to be there. I may not know why I am getting moved so quickly, but I do know that Heavenly Father knows me perfectly and He knows that I need to be there instead of where I am at right now. I am sad to leaving Williamstown and all the people that we have been teaching, but I am excited to see whats in store for me in Virginia. I love you all and thank you so much for the support and love you have for me! Talk to ya next week!

Elder Barazoto
​Cool shop in Harmar, Ohio. It is owned by someone in the ward and she makes log cabin quilts. They are really cool.

Another picture of the inside of that Basilica. It reminds me of something from Italy.

​This is the inside of that Catholic Basilica that I sent a few weeks ago. It was pretty cool, but not as cool as the temple!

​Ceiling of the Catholic Basilica

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