Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016

Dear Family and Friends!

What a wonderful week here in the good city of Clarksburg! I really like it here a lot, we have met a bunch of super great people this past week! One highlight of this week was we had interviews with President Salisbury! It was a little strange because I have always been pretty nervous to talk to him just because you always are trying to put your best foot forward when you are talking to your mission president, but this time it was super relaxed! We just walked around the church building and I of course learned so much from him! I think he is the best mission president in the whole world! :) I dont know how he finds time to do everything, but he does a lot! 

The day before interviews with President, we did an exchange with the Elders in Philippi. It was a really great experience! I was with Elder Young who finishes his mission at the end of this transfer and I sure did learn a whole lot from him! He is an awesome missionary! We found this super awesome family who we are teaching and I can see them having some great potential for sure! I am super excited!! Then at the end of the night we taught another guy who was sitting on his porch and enjoying the cool weather! We didn't expect what happen to happen but he ended up being a preach for one of the big churches in town! It was crazy! I have taught a bunch of preachers on my mission so it wasn't my first time! Ha! :) He has read the Book of Mormon twice now and has a ton of questions about it! We have pretty fun discussions because he knows a lot about the Bible, but so do we! Haha! Luckily he was a super nice guy and we were able to challenged him to read and sincerely pray to know that the Book of Mormon is true! I cant wait for our next lesson! I'm still waiting to baptize a preacher on my mission! :)

Things in Clarksburg are really starting to pick up here recently! We found another really awesome family who are going to be teaching again this week and we are super excited about them too! We have to attribute our success to this White Christmas we are doing as a mission. As a mission, we are reading the Book of Mormon all the way through from October to December 3rd! Its been a lot of work reading that much but the success that we have seen from it is totally worth it! Its cool to see how the more we sacrifice, the more Heavenly Father blesses us! Obedience = blessing! I love it! Haha! Thats mostly it for this week, and I also have pictures! Hurray!!!

Elder Barazoto​

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