Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

Holy cow! Time in the field is way faster than time in the MTC! haha! So West Virginia is probably the most beautiful place I have ever been. It feels likes a rain forest to be honest. The roads are only two lanes and usually one side is covered in vegetation like a wall ha. I've said it to my companion but he doesn't get it because he has been out for about a year but it reminds me of Jurassic World haha. Speaking of my companion, my new companion is Elder Spinks and our area covers Williamstown, West Virginia and Marietta, Ohio. There are a lot of other places that we cover, but i cant remember them all. Elder Spinks is from Washington, Utah. Its in southern Utah near Arizona. He is HUGE truck fan and will always say something like "now that's a nice truck" whenever we pass a Chevy (not a Ford, he hates Ford haha). He loves my rubiks cubes too. He can figure them out sometimes too! Hes a really smart guy and has taught me a lot about missionary work already. He is a little bit younger than me, but he is way ahead of me when it come to missionary work. He is awesome. So the last Sunday in June, there was a convert baptism and then yesterday Elder Spinks confirmed Ronda Little as a member of the church and it was really cool. We went and visited her on Saturday and we were worried that she might have a problem with being confirmed that day, but everything worked out perfectly and it was an awesome experience. This week was kinda slow because of transfers and the Fourth of July, but next week we know that we are going to have a lot of success and its going to be awesome. People here on the east coast are way more patriotic than us haha. They have a lot of fun of the fourth with fireworks and stuff but me and Elder Spinks played chess instead :) I love being on a mission and I know that I am being blessed because of it. It's an amazing thing to be serving the Lord and you just have to experience it to know what i'm talking about. I love you all and be sure to read your scriptures and pray every night! :)

Elder Barazoto (People here can never pronounce Barazoto correctly it's so funny haha)

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