Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

Hey Family and Friend!

This was a pretty awesome week! On Tuesday we went to our bishops hanger where he builds airplanes and got to look around at his airplanes that he's built and it was so cool! Apparently he is pretty good at flying them and has won a bunch of awards that he keeps in his office. I know dad would appreciate this so I took pictures of all the planes haha. On Wednesday and Thursday we picked up a family as investigators and another lady as an investigator and the family came to church too! They are super nice and humble. I know that the gospel will bless their lives so much. The dad's mom is a recent convert too so we hope that that will help with their conversion. The lady that we met with on Thursday is Peggy and she is Methodist. She was super easy to teach because our churches are actually pretty similar, but they lack some of the most important aspects of the true gospel. Priesthood, Prophets, and the Book of Mormon. 

Saturday there was this big event for speed boats, but not any speed boat that you have ever seen before haha. They look like mini submarines with a boat motor on it and they go like 90 miles an hour. Elder Spinks and I watched one flip too. The driver was fine but it was pretty sweet haha. On Sunday we met with our ward mission leader and he is awesome. He is always finding ways to help us with missionary work and he is always finding ways that he can help too. The ward here is a missionary ward. They are so friendly to every single person who comes to church and they make everyone feel so welcome. Its awesome. Today, Elder Spinks and I went fishing with another companionship in our ward. I bought a pretty cheap fishing pole and now we are probably going to go fishing every P-day haha. I taught Elder Spinks how to solve a Rubiks cube and now he looks for any chance he can get to solve it. He is so proud of himself haha. We play chess a lot while we eat and I really enjoy that. We don't get too many dinner appointments so we make a lot of our food. I make lots of smoothies, toast, cereal, eggs, and sandwiches. I wish I knew how to make more foods haha. 

Im really excited for next week because we are planning of picking up a bunch of new investigators! I know that when we have faith in our Heavenly Father, he will bless us. He wants us to turn to Him because then He can bless us! He wants us to be happy and thats why He has given us this gospel. Alma 41:10 is one of my favorite scriptures right now. Wickedness never was happiness. True happiness comes from living God's commandments. I know that is true and I am so blessed to be a missionary of His church. I love and miss you all so much! Choose the right!

Elder Barazoto

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