Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29, 2016

Hello everyone! 

Woah, it's been a pretty crazy week! I have been in Clarksburg, West Virginia now for a couple days and I really love it! :)

Thursday was transfer day and it felt so long! I woke up at 3 am and I rode in a huge enterprise truck to Charleston! We call it the "train" but the mission has a couple of big 17 passenger vans that drive to and from Charleston to pick up and drop off missionaries. So on the way to Charleston we had multiple stops where we saw other missionaries that I knew and that was really fun connecting with them again! I felt a little stressed because I was kind of directing everything and trying to make sure everyone was where they were supposed to be. It was good though! Then we rode a different bus to Clarksburg and got there at about 4 o'clock! We got to work and were able to teach a couple people before the day was over which was great! I was pretty drained from traveling all day and was ready to go to bed that night! Ha! 

So my new companion is Elder Palmer and he grew up in Arizona, but moved to Perry, Utah before his mission. Its pretty sweet having a companion that has lived in Arizona! He is super awesome. He is pretty athletic and played sports throughout high school. He is absolutely hilarious and we get along really great! I am super excited for this transfer because we are going to accomplish so much! I have only been here a couple days and based on all the great this going on, we will probably be seeing some baptisms really soon!!

Sunday was a little different because in Buena Vista there is only 1 set in the ward, but in Clarksburg we have 3 sets in the ward! So we had a TON of investigators at church which was super cool! The ward here is really great, its smaller than what I am used to but it's still really strong!

Well that's mostly it for this week! I am loving it here in Clarksburg and I am especially love being a missionary! It is so amazing! The church is true!

Elder Barazoto
Elder Palmer and I!

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