Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 9, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

Wow, what an eventful week! So much has happen, I dont know where to begin! Haha

Friday and Saturday was pretty cool because we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders! I learned a lot from them and how they teach and do missionary work! We had a ton of fun and were able to teach an investigator that they are preparing for baptism at the beginning of next month! His name was Paul and he is so awesome! He has so much faith that Heavenly Father will help him overcome his struggles and it is so cool to hear about all the improvements that he has made to be ready for baptism! I probably wont be able to see his baptism, but I just love meeting people who accept the gospel and allow it to change and improve their lives! 

Monday we had another pretty neat experience. We went to contact a referral who we knew hardly anything about and when he answered the door, he let us right in and was super nice to us! We found out that he met with missionaries a long time ago and somehow lost contact with them! He is studying to become a priest for another church, but told us that he is very open-minded and willing to listen to us! It was pretty neat and I hope that he continues to progress in the gospel! He seems to be pretty open to it!

So we also received so pretty sad news last Saturday... I am getting transferred tomorrow! I have served here in Hillsville/Galax for about 7 months and it feels weird to be leaving! I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me and it doesn't matter where I serve as long as I am serving the Lord! They did tell me that I will be serving in a place called Buena Vista, Virgina! Its kind of funny because they pronounce buena so much differently that what I am used to! They put the emphasis and the e rather than the u, pretty strange right?! Haha! Anyways, that is the big stuff that is going on with me! I am excited, but very nervous at the same time! It would be a great growing experience though!

I love this gospel and I love all of you! I greatly appreciate the support that I have and want to thank you all for it! Have a great week!

Elder Barazoto
This is the district that I have been serving in!

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