Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 30, 2017

Sorry for not emailing yesterday! Everything was closed for Memorial day! This week was a really awesome week actually. We had some pretty great things happen! We had exchanges with the Parkersburg Elders and that was pretty interesting. Normally for exchanges we just switch companions between both areas but not they want us to bring the other set to our area and have all four of us work our area! It was really different but we got twice as much work done so that was really cool! Ha! That night we had 4 missionaries in our little apartment, it felt pretty cramped haha we only had one extra mattress so one had to sleep on the couch! Haha I felt bad, but I guess a mission is a time to get out of your comfort zone! :) haha 

This week we were picked up an awesome new investigator! Her dad is a less-active member but they have family that are active members in Utah! She knows very little about the church but did a report about family history in High School and really wants to learn more about the church! It was really cool! we are just hoping that her parents don't interfere!! 

Last night we taught picked up another new investigator who we are pretty excited about! Missionary work never ceases to be awkward and we met this investigator in kind of an awkward way haha but it ended up being really good! She was having a really bad day and we were able to teach her about the Plan of Salvation and she loved it! She kept saying how much it just made sense. It was really neat! I love it when you find new people to teach as a missionary, it always gets me so excited about the work. It is really amazing to see how God prepares people all around us to receive the gospel! I would also add that God didn't intend for only missionaries to be able to find these people! I promise that if you really look for opportunities to share the gospel, they will be there! 

Things in Marietta have been going really well. If I'm being honest with myself, Marietta is shaping up to be one of my favorite if not my favorite area on my mission! I love it here!!

I have lots of pictures this week I hope you can look past my awkwardness! :) haha​

​Elder Garrett says that this is a cool pose now? I dont know I feel old and out of touch haha

​A sweet Tundra we found!​

​After district meeting​


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