Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017

Pretty good week! Lots of ups and downs, but overall we had a lot of great things happen! So definitely one of the most significant things going on has to do with our recent convert Brother Nolan... He is going to the Columbus temple in a couple weeks!! Statics in the church say that those who are baptized and go to the temple soon after they are baptized are much more likely to stay active in the church than those who do not so we are really excited for him :) But there is something even better... WE HAVE PERMISSION TO GO WITH HIM!!! Columbus, Ohio is like 2 hours outside the mission boundaries, but we talked to President Salisbury and he said we could go! I am PUMPED!! I haven't been to the temple in almost 2 years so pretty overdue but on top of that I'll get to go with one of my converts which is going to be like the greatest things ever!! It'll be super fun to leave the mission boundaries and go to big city like Columbus so Im also pretty excited that too haha! Anyways, as you can tell I am just a tad bit excited about going to the temple :) :) :)

So our investigators we are teaching right now are still progressing really well! We have 2 really solid investigators, Tara and Cody. My hope and goal is for them to get baptized hopefully soon! They are both really good people and the gospel will bless them so much! I have a good feeling that they will get baptized so we will see what happens :)

There is another family we are working with that came to church yesterday. The husband is a member but the wife is not. They hadn't been to church in a while so we were really excited they came especially after the experience we had with them in our Gospel Principles class! So the teacher was out of town this Sunday so we just had to improve a last second lesson for the class. Normally I think I would have been freaking out, but I think it ended up going really well! Well enough that the wife of this family who struggles to believe in living prophets today saw how a prophecy from Brigham Young can true! She is now feeling like she can accept that doctrine! I can't take any of the credit for that because it was obviously the Spirit the bore testimony to her that God still speaks to prophets! The member husband later told us she is right on the verge of really being serious about baptism! It is really exciting!! It is just another amazing evidence that His work is hastening and people are being prepared to be taught! :)

Well, I am so grateful for all your support and love. I know I am so blessed because of all of you! Talk to ya next week! 

Elder Barazoto

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