Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9, 2017

Fun week! This has actually been one of the most interesting weeks of my mission. Ill start with today because today is when all the weird stuff happened haha. So last week I talked about how they closed the area right next to us and we have been cleaning out the house, well when they missionaries left that house they left their car there too... So this morning we drove all the way down to Charleston and dropped off the car. We have to get back to Marietta of course so we took our car as well but in order for us to get both cars down here, One of us three had to be companion-less for the drive haha. So Elder Furrows followed us down to Charleston without a companion! So we are actually currently emailing for the chapel in Charleston. Pretty crazy! Its gets better though! :) So President wanted to make the trip down more purposeful so he decided to do our interview today instead of later in the month. So we did our interviews with President today also! Today has just felt pretty weird! Ha! Funny story, so when we get to the mission office and President acts like he didn't tell us to drive down here and everything and we felt super bad and awkward, but hes like "I'm just teasing!" President's sense of humor is just hilarious :) haha he is the best!

We also had Zone Conference this week with President so its pretty really great being around President so often! After the conference we did exchanges with the zone leaders, it was a lot of fun being on the other end of that exchange! :) I went with Elder Westmoreland and he is just great! He's a pretty young missionary, but he is really skilled and natural! We had tons of fun! Working in Charleston has always been a good experience for me, the people there are so kind of receptive it is so cool!

I am really looking forward to this week though, we have had to spend a lot more time cleaning the old car and house, so thats still really lame but this week should be really great! Thank you everyone for all the support, I love you all very much! Church is true!

Elder Barazoto

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