Monday, January 16, 2017

January 16, 2017

Marietta is such a great place! I am seriously loving serving here, the members are great and we are working with some great investigators! At church Sunday, we were talking with one of the members in our ward about one of her friends thats interested in the church and she sounds pretty golden! Shes already living all the commandments which is huge AND she already been coming to church pretty regularly! For the sounds of it, she could easily get baptized in the next couple weeks! Hopefully we will be able to start working with her more regularly and help her work towards baptism!

This week we have been working on trying to find more people to teach and it has been going pretty well! On Saturday night we were walking around near our house and it was actually pretty late and dark outside too. We were a little hesitant to knock on any doors because if you knock on peoples doors too late in the evening out here in West Virginia you can really offend some people. So we were walking next to this one house and I felt this feeling to knock that door. The adversary is very clever because my next thought was this area has probably tracked hundreds of times, and that they wont be interested. Thankfully we decided to knock anyways and the lady that answered the door was super nice and has never talked to missionaries before! She has been exposed to the church for many years and has even been to church a couple of times! Super awesome! We have an appointment to go see her and her family and we are pretty stoked about it!! I am extremely grateful for the promptings of the Holy Ghost, I know they are real!

This area is making great progress, Elder Harris, Elder Furrows and I are doing great and we are having tons of fun! Elder Harris is probably one of the funniest missionaries on the planet so we are constantly laughing and having a good time so that is pretty awesome. It is really exciting to see all the things that are happening and we are hoping for a baptism in the near future! I am so grateful for the joy that I feel as a missionary and I know that this work is so true! 

I hope everyone where ever you are has a super great week and chooses the right of course! :) Love yall!!

Elder Barazoto

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