Saturday, July 23, 2016

July 18, 2016

Hey everyone! Its been kind of a short week with transfers going on, but at least I don't feel like we are going a million miles an hour trying to get everything done that needs to get done! Ha! We of course are still working really hard and seeing a lot of great success because of it! 

So Thursday morning we had to get up at about 4 AM so Elder Maloy could make it to Charleston, WV! He was an amazing missionary who helped me in so many ways to be the best that I can be! He was the perfect example of enduring to the end on his mission, he was a great example to me! My new companion got to Buena Vista at about 6 oclock that night and his name is Elder Christensen! He hits his year mark at the end of this month so we've been on our missions for about the same time! He's awesome and we are going to see so much success this transfer! Another pretty awesome things is Elder Stephens got transfered to Lexington! Elder Stephens was my MTC companion and Lexington is only like 10 minutes from Buena Vista! It was a super awesome reunion seeing him and we are going to have tons of fun down here! :) 

So we had a pretty neat experience with some of our members being amazing member missionaries! They have been fellowshipping one of their co-workers and they brought her to church this week! We were able to have a lesson with her and these members home and we taught her the Restoration! She told us about how she has been learning about the church and applying the things she's been learning and has been so much happier because of it! She basically told us that she knows this is all true and so we set a baptismal goal for August 13th! It was amazing and we didn't have to do any of the finding! All we had to do was teach her! Its interesting how well missionary work goes when members do the primary finding while missionaries just focus on teaching! Its actually the way Heavenly Father set it up to be done! So dont be shy and go out and share with your friends how the restored gospel has blessed your life! You will never regret it! I know that as I have served my mission, I have literally been able to watch people enjoy blessings as they live the restored gospel and she them become different people! Its truly amazing and among MANY other reasons is why I know that this gospel is true! I really appreciate all the support you all give me! It honestly means a lot! Love you!

Elder Barazoto

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