Wednesday, July 13, 2016

July 13, 2016

Dear Family and Friends! 

Wow, its been a pretty crazy week! I know I say that every week, but its been an exceptionally crazy one! Ha! We had MLC, zone meeting, 2 exchanges and transfers are this week as well! Our zone meeting was pretty awesome, it was probably one of the better zone meetings that we have conducted! We talked about setting inspired goals and exercising the faith to work miracles! It was so awesome and even though Elder Maloy and I taught it, I still learned so much! It was great!

So this week is of course transfer week and it's going to be a really big one! Almost every companionship in our zone is getting a new companion which is crazy! They are going to opening up the YSA as its own area again so we wont be able to work with them anymore... But that's ok because we are getting some awesome missionaries there! Also Elder Maloy is going home this transfer so I am getting a new companion! His name is Elder Christensen! He served in an area pretty close to me when I was serving in Hillsville so I know him a little bit! I'm excited! Although it's going to be really hard because Elder Maloy is leaving... He has taught me soooooo much and I feel like I am a MUCH better missionary after having served with him! He is awesome and I know he will do great things! I love that guy!

So one of the exchanges that we went on this week was in Lynchburg which is one of the biggest cities in the mission. It's also probably one of the craziest areas I have ever been to! Almost the entire city is owned by a college called Liberty University and the closest description I can think of for Liberty would be that it's the BYU for baptists! Haha! Lynchburg city even has a Provo feel to it! There are tons of students and everyone is super friendly for the most part haha! As we tried to do missionary work, people were either nice, but not interested or they would get their Bibles and try tell us why we are wrong! Its super sad sometimes, but you learn the Bible really quick! Ha! One thing that I did learn on that exchange was that every single question or doubt that anyone has, no matter what it is, has an answer! It makes me grateful for the restored gospel and for the truths that I treasure! I makes me grateful for an complete understanding of the Godhead and for His glorious Plan of Salvation! People may not always agree with what I say, but I have to stand by what I know to be true! It was pretty cool though because even with the opposition, as we exercised faith in Jesus Christ and hoped for success, we did find some people who were willing for us to come back and teach them! YAY!

Well thats mostly it for this week! I know this church is true and I am happy here in Buena Vista! We are still teaching some of the same people and they're still progressing! Our top investigator right now, Brittney, has started telling people that she wants to become Mormon so that was super sweet to hear! Ha! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Barazoto

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