Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016

Dear Family and Friends!

Another pretty awesome week in Buena Vista! We've been pretty busy with some more responsibilities that we took on, but thats a good thing! So this last transfer, the missionaries serving in the YSA wards got transfered because our mission is loosing a TON of missionaries and because of that we will be taking over the YSA ward! So now we are working with people that are only like 2 years older than us and its super different! Haha! Yesterday we were at a house full of YSA's having dinner with them and I felt like they could all be current missionaries but they were all RM's! It was really cool though because they are super missionary minded and told us that one of their non-member friends was coming for us to introduce ourselves too! His name was Alex and he is roommates with the Elders Quorum President in our ward! At the dinner appointment (We had no idea Alex would be there), we had already decided to teach about the Atonement and when we taught it to them, the Spirit was pretty powerful! I was really happy Alex was there because it was definitely a good taste of the blessings of the gospel for him! He is having great exposure to the church right now so hopefully that will mean that we will be able to teach him more soon!
He is also studying at Virginia Tech to become an engineer so we of course connected pretty well there too! It was a really great experience I think, and I think working in the YSA ward will be a blast! Im pretty excited for it! Ha! :)

Elder Maloy and I had another pretty neat experience with another one of our investigators. I had mentioned her in my letter last week, but she has made some awesome progress since then! We were able to teach her a couple of times and she opened up quite a bit to us which is super awesome! We taught her about God's plan for all of us as individuals and our divine heritage! I think that it really hit home for her and she is excited for us to come back and teach her more! 
I never would have thought that she would be as receptive and as prepared as she is so it was a great testimony builder to me that Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways, but His way is always the right way! I know that there are people all around us that need what we have and if we approach those situations in a spirit of love, people will receive it! When we understand our Savior's love for us as individuals, we will understand how important it is for us to share the gospel to our brothers and sisters! This work is all about love and I have come to learn that more and more each day! 

Well thats all for this week, but I hope everyone has an awesome week and that you reach out to one of your friends this week! :)

Elder Barazoto

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