Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 16, 2016

Dear Family and Friends!

Pretty great week here in Hillsville, Virginia! A lot of really awesome things have happened this week which Elder Larson and I are very grateful for!

Tuesday we had Zone Conference and wow was that awesome! The assistants did a lot of the teaching and I learned and was reminded of so much! I never thought that I could enjoy sitting in a hard chair for about 7 hours until my mission! I love learning! Ha!

Wednesday was pretty brutal as far as the weather but we had a very successful day! The wind was blowing pretty hard and I think someone was saying that it was probably around 10 degree with the wind shield! Ha! We were so blessed to have picked up a new investigator that day and we have been working pretty closely with him since! He is so awesome and I can see him and his family accepting the gospel! I love how the Lord blesses us when we endure well! The cold isn't so bad when we get to go bless peoples lives! :)

Thursday we had another pretty neat experience! So we had a dinner appointment with a member in our ward and after the dinner the dad, Brother Wheatley who is actually the former bishop, came out to teach with us! It was a bummer because all of our appointments fell through so as we were deciding where to go, we kind of jokingly asked if he knew anyone that we could go visit, and he said you know what, there is! I was shocked but so excited! Ha! He took us to a friend of his and the friend invited us right in and we were able to teach them! They received the lesson very well and it was all because our appointments fell through! The Lord works in mysterious ways and He knew that those people were not the people we needed to visit that night! It also testifies that members are truly the key to missionary work! Missionaries can tract all day but true effectiveness comes when members bring the missionaries to the people they know who are ready to hear the gospel! No greater joy comes from this great work so become apart of it and help the missionaries out! :)

Saturday, we had another amazing experience that actually includes Brother Wheatley again! Ha! So Brother Wheatley is the landlord for our apartment complex (we live right above his optometrist office) and he told us that we should go visit our neighbor so we did! It felt kind of weird knocking on the door right next to our apartment, but I am so glad that we did! He invited us right in and we were able to teach him! He enjoyed the Restoration very much and even said that he had been praying for someone to bring him something that he could understand and he believes that this might be it! So awesome! We will be seeing him again this week so I am so excited to see how he has been doing! Experiences like these help me to realize that the Lord truly is preparing so many people that are ready to hear the gospel! We have the privilege to go find them!

I am extremely grateful for my mission! I have learned and felt so many wonderful things and I can truly testify that I know that the church is true! My mission has helped me in so many ways and I wouldn't trade it for anything! I love you all and hope all is well!

Elder Barazoto
​Best P-day activity! Ha!

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