Monday, December 12, 2016

December 12, 2016

Happy P-day! It still amazes me how short the weeks feel! Its also pretty crazy that Christmas is in two weeks! I love the holidays and I hope everyone is enjoying this Christmas season as well! The Savior and what he has done for all of us is something we definitely need to celebrate.

Did I mention last week that I was going to speak in church? Well yesterday I spoke in sacrament meeting and it well pretty well I think! It was actually the first planned talk I have had to give on my mission! One time I was asked to speak about an hour before church started, but I think I like knowing at least a week in advance that I'm speaking :) haha! I spoke about Elder Oak's talk that he gave in the most recent general conference. It was pretty fun talking about what members need to do to be better member missionaries! I can tell that I feel a lot more comfortable talking in church than before my mission.

This week we were also able to have some sweet lessons with a couple different people! So we are working with an awesome part-member family. The daughter is a non-member and she sometimes seems a little closed off at times. Missionaries in the past were almost able to get her to baptism, but she hasn't been very close since I've been here. But we had a lesson with her this week and we were talking about the Kingdoms of Glory and I feel that we needed to just change our focus to baptism and how it helps us. I just ask her if she felt that she needs to get baptized and she said yes! We were also able to get her to talk about what holding her back and clear up the confusion she had! Elder Clark and I feel that she is making great steps towards baptism hopefully in the near future! It's pretty exciting!

Another cool thing is we were finally able to make contact with a long time investigator again this week and he is super fired up about baptism as well! He was even making progress to quit chewing tobacco in the time we haven't been meeting with him! Super cool and super prepared! :)

Well that's mostly it for this week! The weather has been pretty cold these past couple days so that's been kinda unfortunate, but I'm not as cold as I was last year so that's good! Elder Clark and I are having tons of fun and we are getting along really well! Life is pretty good! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! 

Elder Barazoto

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