Monday, September 26, 2016

September 12, 2016

Dear Family and Friends!

Another great week in Clarksburg! It's so crazy to think about how fast weeks seem to go by! Its honestly hard for me to believe that I have been a missionary as long as I have! Time seems to be going faster and faster the longer I am on my mission! Ha! Well we have been pretty busy this past week. We had our MLC in Charleston on Tuesday and that was fun as always! I got to see a lot of missionaries I know so that was awesome! Elder Christensen was there too! He was my companion back in Buena Vista, Virginia and things seem to be going well over there as well! Then we had our zone meeting that following Friday and it was pretty different. For my whole mission I have been in some of the biggest zones, but this zone is about half the size of all the other zones! Because of that the meeting was on a much more intimate level which was good though! What is love is that even though our zone is pretty tiny, our missionaries still work SUPER hard and have just as much success as the other big zones! Its awesome! I love it! :)

This week we also had Stake Conference! We filled up the entire stake center with people and it only felt like it was a little bit bigger than our ward in Arizona :) haha but the people that fill the congregation are honestly amazing! They are so strong in their testimonies and truly love the gospel! President Salisbury was there too and he spoke about family history! I always love hearing him speak! It got me excited to do family history when I am able to. I don't think I really recognized the importance of family history until my mission. I hope all of you take some time and see how family history can help you feel the Spirit. I know it can because I have felt it!

With all these fun meetings we have been really craving time to proselyting. The work here is moving a lot pretty well. We have been seeing some great things since I have been here! Yesterday we found a bunch of new people to teach and it was awesome! They are mostly families too which is a gold mine for missionaries! Ha! I cant wait to see what is going to happen as we continue to teach these people! I know Heavenly Father is preparing the people around all of us to accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! I invite you to pray for missionary opportunities and actively look for opportunities to reach out to the people around you! I promise that you will find significant joy as you look to serve your brothers and sisters! 

Thank you all for you support and prayers, they are greatly appreciated! I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week! :)

Elder Barazoto

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