Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 19, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

Sorry for the absence of a letter last week! The library that we email at was having internet problems and yesterday was MLK jr day so the library was closed! But I'm alive and there is nothing to worry about Mom! Haha :) Love you!

So these past 2 weeks have been really great! We had interviews on Tuesday and those are always really awesome! President Salisbury is just so cool and knowledgeable! He always knows what to say and how we can improve our area! We also had a pretty cool and funny experience after the interview. We decided to go and contact one of our media referrals and she answered the door she was talking to us like we were best friends! We later found out that she recently moved to the area from.... Utah! Haha yeah she is already LDS and couldn't find the church so she requested a Book of Mormon be brought to her so she could ask us where the church was! Haha it was a pretty clever and awesome experience! As we were leaving, we decided that we needed to contact the rest of our referrals because we knew something good would become of it and we were right!! We drove out to Ivanhoe, Virginia and were able to contact our other referral and teach them! They are so ready for the gospel its awesome! It was really cool because there would have been no other time to reach them because he was going into surgery the next day! I am so grateful for the promptings of the Holy Ghost know that it was inspired!

I am out of time, but know that I love all of you and I love my mission! This is the Lords work!

Elder Barazoto 

PS: It's transfer week, so P-day isn't till next Wednesday! Please don't be alarmed! Haha :)

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